SyncBackPro Crack

SyncBackPro Crack With Serial Key [Latest]

SyncBackPro Crack With Serial Key [Latest]SyncBackPro Crack With Serial Key [Latest]

SyncBackPro Crack with Serial Key is a software tool that enables you to create backups and mirrors for your files and folders using the HDD, an FTP account or a cloud solution, as well as synchronize the data.

The installation process is smooth and it is over in a few seconds, while the interface presents a modern and minimal design. It only contains a menu bar, a few shortcut buttons and a pane to display all your backup data.

SyncBackPro Crack With Registration Key software tool enables you to create an unlimited amount of profiles, to which you can add any types of files, from a hard drive, removable storage unit, FTP account, cloud solution (Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3) and e-mail server. It is also possible to save your mirror or backup to the aforementioned locations.

It is important to know that SyncBackPro Serial is going to ignore particular files or folders, such as the Recycle Bin, temporary files, system volume information and system logs.

Last but not least, you can compress the files on destination into a ZIP file, as well as encrypt them, run a specified program before or after your profile, as well as modify comparison parameters.

To sum up, SyncBackPro With Activation Key proves to be a good solution for people interested in creating a fail-safe for all the information stored on your computer. It has a good response time, the environment can be handled by both power and novice users and the CPU and memory usage is minimal.


  • Backup and sync via an email server:
  • You can now backup and synchronize your files via an email server (POP3/IMAP4 and SMTP), e.g. Gmail, Yahoo!, etc. For example, you could synchronize your files with a friend or colleague via a dedicated shared email account. You could also sign up to a free email account and backup your files to it. There is no need to worry about spam
  • SyncBackPro can be configured to automatically delete all emails that are not used by SyncBackPro. There is also no need to worry about security because you can store your files using 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Backup directly to a CD/DVD:
  • Now you can backup directly to CD or DVD (including Blu-Ray), with automatic disk spanning. There is no need to pre-format the CD/DVD, and compression does not need to be used for disk spanning.
  • Scripting: This powerful new feature allows you to configure how SyncBackPro works and runs profiles. For example, you could create a script that lets SyncBackPro backup to a database (or anything else you can access). Scripting can also be used to change how profiles run.

SyncBackPro Crack With Registration Key Key

  • Unlimited number of files: SyncBackPro uses a database to store details of the files it is copying, instead of storing the information in RAM (memory). This means an unlimited number of files and folders can now be processed. SyncBackPro will use RAM for performance but will automatically and seamlessly switch to a database if memory is running low or the number of files reaches a threshold. Using a database will actually be significantly faster when the number of files is in the hundreds of thousands.
  • Automatic drive failure detection:
  • Using S.M.A.R.T. technology, SyncBackPro can detect the impending failure of a hard drive. If a hard drive is going to fail (or has failed) then the log file will have details, and the profile status will indicate it. To use this feature your computers BIOS and hard drive must support S.M.A.R.T. (and it must also be enabled via the BIOS settings).
  • BZip2 compression: As well as supporting the industry-standard Zip compression, and BWT compression, you can now also compress using BZip2. It compresses most files more effectively than more traditional gzip or Zip, but it is slower. If space is more of a concern than speed, then BZip2 may be the solution.
  • SFTP: As well as supporting traditional FTP and FTPS, SyncBackPro now also supports SFTP

What’s new in SyncBackPro

  • Installer updated, modern interface and prompts, better DPI scaling, splash image no longer displayed
  • Updated: Installer no longer runs on Windows XP or Windows 2003 (which are not supported).
  • V9.3.4.0 is the last version that can be installed on XP/2003.
  • Windows XP and 2003 compatibility completely removed
  • Better progress feedback when getting file listings
  • Fixed (Pro): Automatically retries Backblaze B2 file download if data received is corrupted
  • Could use more than the maximum number of allowed parts for file uploads (Rackspace/Openstack)

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 32/64 bit
  • 4Gb RAM
  • 1GB Hard Drive
  • Graphics Card
  • 32/64 Bits

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SyncBackPro Crack With Serial Key [Latest]