Dashlane 6.1933.0 Crack

Dashlane 6.1933.0 Crack With Serial Key [Latest]

Dashlane 6.1933.0 Crack With Serial Key [Latest] Dashlane 6.1933.0 Crack With Serial Key [Latest]

It is always advisable to keep your usernames and passwords in a secure place, so that no one else can access and use them. Dashlane Crack is an intuitive and powerful application that can help you do that. Password manager and generator that can be integrated with popular web browsers, featuring support for data sync across multiple devices.

It can be integrated with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. You are required to create a Dashlane account and assign a master password to protect your data and synchronize it across different devices running Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.The tool features an automatic form filler and includes both a password manager and generator. Apart from passwords, it lets you store notes, ID cards, passports, driver’s license data,  social security details, tax numbers, payments, and receipts. What’s more, Dashlane provides you with security scores to let you know whether the keys are complex enough, otherwise encouraging you to change them as soon as possible.

Records can be manually added to the app by typing or pasting the website address, specifying the username and password, as well as by assigning a title to the entry. Furthermore, you can set the utility to automatically log in to the mentioned website or prompt you for the master password each time.Another benefit of the software application is that it analyzes all your stored data and issues a rating that informs you of the detected vulnerabilities, such as weak passwords or unencrypted passphrases stored by browsers.One more notable aspect is represented by the app’s extensive file type support when it comes to importing passwords: from IE, Firefox, Chrome, LastPass, 1Password, Roboform, PasswordWallet, KeePass, and CSV files.


All in all, Dashlane can come in handy if you want to make absolutely sure that your private data cannot be accessed by third parties and that your passwords cannot be cracked. It had minimal impact on system resources throughout our evaluation.


  • Dashlane account
  • Internet Connection

What’s new in Dashlane 6.1929.1?

  • This version contains changes from version 6.1928.0, along with the fix to the ID creation/edition issue that version introduced. It also contains:
  • The fix for an issue with the deletion of items in the list shared with the Emergency contact
  • The fix for the issue that made the “Manage Firefox extension” grayed out in the app for some users
  • The fix for an issue that was making the app crash when canceling a file attachment in a Secure note
  • The fix for an issue with the default browser used to open the user onboarding process
  • The fix for a wrong VPN driver installation for 32 bits computers

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Dashlane 6.1933.0 Crack With Serial Key [Latest]